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Over the years I've gathered a lot of knowledge and information from several sources, and a lot of it is hidden, or not available on cisco.com. I intend to transfer as much as I can into this FAQ, as well as provide tips, common procedures, and fixes to common issues (or basic troubleshooting tips at the very least)

I'll try to keep it updated as possible as many things change between major releases.

Any contributions/feedback is welcome to make this a living and breathing document.

Best regards,

Jaime Valencia

UPDATED 6/12/2018
Please notice that I'm in the process of updating the links and content from my FAQ, I will have to remove some links/content/questions which are no longer relevant, and will add some new content on products that were not included in the past (CMS/CMM under the TP area for example) as well as update some questions with the most up to date answer. This will take me some time, but feel free to look around some of the new content I'm adding.

Within Cisco I'm part of the PDI TA team, supporting UC technologies.
Planning, Design, and Implementation Technical Advisor

If you meet the requirements, being with a Cisco partner who holds any of the following UC specializations:

  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture (CAS)
  • Master Collaboration Specialization (MSIPC)
  • Express Collaboration (ECS)
  • Cisco Distributors
  • Cisco Systems Engineers

And the product you need assistance with, is listed in our PDI Technical Advisor Overview, you may open a case with us for assistance.

We're also providing updates on support, as well as changes to our policies, FAQ, new products support, etc on our social media:

I actually forgot to clarify this, but I'm no longer with the PDI team, right now I'm changing roles. The PDI team is still active, and can be reached out for assistance from UC specialized partners, confirm with them the latest support policies and products as I'm no longer part of those discussions.

NOTE Please, before opening a case, make sure to read my Documentation tips on how to find information on cisco.com, we expect an above the average level of knowledge since we only deal with UC specialized partners, and expect, at the very least you being proactive, and trying to find documentation on your own before opening a case for a document that is on cisco.com. The CCO engine a lot of time fails to find information (maybe it's not updated as frequently as it should), you usually want to try google as well, we all do that.

NOTE I'll try to add any links that might reference something I'm talking about, but more often than not, they might change. I'm going to mention the exact name of the doc, usually even if it changed the URL, the name will remain the same, so you can search for it on cco, or google. If that happens, let me know and I'll try to update it.
All the links I'll be posting worked fine at the time I was writing the doc, if you get any kind of error, please try other browser, clear your cookies, and if they're partner level (Most of them will be, as I'm always signed on, they will have /partner in the URL) try and copy the url and remove /partner from it before telling me you cannot access it, or that it does not work.

This is a special section I created so you know how to get the most of cisco.com, how to search?? how to find something?? where common information is, etc.

Some questions might appear in more than one category just to make sure I cover all bases.

This is a special page on which I will list bugs that are affecting the products, and which you might commonly see

This new page will contain all the video contributions from the PDI TA team, and their locations:

As I've been adding a good number of 3rd party developer products for any number of things, I'm going to try and create a central repository, and list all the different products that I'm aware of, to do things that our products cannot do out of the box:

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