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OpenStack is an open source cloud solution consisting of a series of interrelated projects which deliver various solution components.

Cisco contributes OpenStack code as open source software for the community. Cisco contributes core OpenStack software, OpenStack extensions in the form of OpenStack plugins (see OpenStack_Plugins) and services that enable the deployment and use of OpenStack (installer, etc.). The plugin extensions include Neutron (OpenStack networking) plugins and device drivers. Cisco's OpenStack related community and technical preview code contributions are documented in this wiki.

Cisco also provides OpenStack based products and support contracts. Details of these product offerings include:

OpenStack centric products:

NFVI (Network Functional Virtualization Infrastructure):

Key offerings in these areas include:

Cisco OpenStack Networking Extensions: Cisco OpenStack Network plugins for the Cisco ASR1000, Cisco Nexus 9000 and Cisco UCS systems. Product codes are OPNSTK-ASR-PKG-M, OPNSTK-UCS_PKG-M & OPNSTK-N9K-M

UCS Red Hat OpenStack:

Cisco VIM:

Unless explicitly stated by a Cisco support contract, Cisco's OpenStack contributions are provided "as-is" and are not supported by Cisco Support. Community support is available on a best-effort basis at this email mailto://

Send questions and comments about documentation, including this docwiki, to mailto://


OpenStack Install/Deployment Support

See the UCS Red Hat OpenStack offering for more details on Red Hat supported install information:

OpenStack release information

RH partnership in place, see [1] for details.

Juno release

Beginning with the Juno release, Cisco no longer supplies or supports the Cisco OpenStack Installer.

Icehouse release

Icehouse installation documents are also available in PDF format from the Cisco Systems GitHub repository.

OpenStack Neutron Plugins

See details in the OpenStack_Plugins section.


Project Information

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