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Thanks for your interest in contributing to Cisco documentation. You can use the Cisco DocWiki to update or add information about Cisco products. Here are a few steps you can follow to get started:

  1. Log in to Cisco DocWiki. DocWiki takes your CCO login. Only registered Cisco customers, partners, and employees can edit or add content to DocWiki.
  2. For creating new content, enter the name of your proposed article into the search box on the left side of the page. If your title has not been used before, you will get a message that says "There is no page titled "<page_title>". You can create this page. " Click on the red text, and you will get to an editor screen. See the MediaWiki Formatting Help page for information about formatting content using the MediaWiki editor.
  3. Follow the guidelines shown on the About DocWiki pages. These pages cover topics on style, proprietary information, and things like that.
  4. Make sure to categorize your page. This is done by putting a category tag at the bottom of your page. See the guidelines for DocWiki categories.
  5. To monitor any changes, you might want to "watch" your page. When you are done editing, select the "watch" tab at the top right of your page. You will be notified when someone changes your content or adds a comment or question to the Discussion tab on your page. Use can also use the history tab to see what has changed from a previous revision.

DocWiki is moderated by Cisco employees. Upon review, they have the ability to make changes or even remove articles if needed. If they have any questions on your content, they might post questions or comments on the Discussion tab on your content page.

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