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Welcome to Cisco DocWiki. This wiki lets Cisco users, customers, partners and employees improve Cisco product documentation by contributing their own suggestions, corrections, and new information directly. Feel free to contribute!



Cisco DocWiki is public. Anyone may read or rate articles on DocWiki, without logging in. You can also use the history tab to see what changes have been made from a previous revision.


If you want to comment on or contribute to Cisco DocWiki, you must first log in. To get login credentials, you must register with Note that you cannot log in to DocWiki with "guest" account credentials.

All contributors accept the DocWiki Terms of Use. All contributors must observe the DocWiki Policies and Guidelines listed below.

DocWiki is based on the MediaWiki software platform. Many other wikis, such as Wikipedia, use the same software. If you are new to the MediaWiki platform and need help using it, see the MediaWiki Documentation. DocWiki also provides the ability to rate articles and to Leave a Comment. In addition, iFrames can be used to display content on DocWiki pages from other externally published sources.

For basic editing, see also the "cheat sheet" at How to Use This Wiki for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Information. This content was developed for the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace content, but much of it is applicable to any content on this wiki.

Policies and Guidelines

DocWiki content is intended to be complete, accurate, useful, and safe. To help ensure that your contributions meet these standards, please observe the following policies and guidelines:

  1. Style describes the style guidelines for content on DocWiki.
  2. Scope summarizes the types of content and contributions that are appropriate for inclusion on DocWiki.
  3. Etiquette explains what Cisco considers acceptable comments and content contributions.
  4. Categories describes the guidelines for creating categories for your content.
  5. No Promotion details the requirement that DocWiki not be used to promote products or services, Cisco's or otherwise.
  6. No Proprietary Information describes the requirements that DocWiki contain only public information and sanitized examples.
  7. Vulnerabilities outlines DocWiki policies with respect to publishing information about product security vulnerabilities.
  8. Content Arbitration describes the method for resolving content disputes.

Cisco reserves the right to alter or delete contributions that do not respect these policies and guidelines. Contributors who violate them consistently may be banned from further contribution.


We welcome your comments and constructive criticisms about DocWiki. Please address them to

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